Make. Every Day: The San Francisco Tour

Oct 30, 2017


WIRED AND SKYY teamed up to highlight the people that Make. Every Day. The folks that challenge convention. These are the kinds of souls who don’t just settle for the status quo, but go out and create the world they want. And right now. We set out to find these individuals in the city we both call home: San Francisco.

San Francisco these days is as much a part of the technology world as any locale in Silicon Valley proper, and it is not surprising that Smit and her cohort would be taking the systems-type approach of a software engineer and applying it to the problems of building real physical things in the world. Smit refers to the Welcome Center as a “Frog,” an acronym that stands for “flexible response to ongoing growth.” What that means in practice is a building that can go up 50% faster and at least 20% cheaper than with traditional construction means.

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Project Frog Uses Autodesk Forge for its Prefabricated Building Components

Oct 18, 2017

Project Frog has always looked to take advantage of technology to develop high-quality prefabricated building systems, and Autodesk products have always been core products in that effort from a design, manufacturing, and delivery perspective. As Project Frog's building system product evolved, their team found it necessary to build out their own in-house software to fully realize a scalable, mass-customized approach to industrialized construction. Integration with Autodesk products has and will always be an integral part of that technology development effort. That is what lead to Project Frog's adoption of Autodesk Forge.

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Customized Pre-Fab Maker Gets Autodesk Investment

Oct 17, 2017

A few companies in San Francisco have noticed that innovation and productivity in the construction industry has stagnated. Whereas the manufacturing has benefitted from constant, incremental gains and the adoption of new innovative technologies, construction suffers from chronic symptoms of unproductivity like shortages of skilled labor, a lack of new workers and an aging workforce.

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Autodesk invests in Project Frog to bolster prefab market

Oct 17, 2017

For an industry that contributes one of the biggest pieces to U.S. economic growth, construction productivity has been notoriously stagnant — and many point to the industry's resistance to adopting new technology as one reason.

Project Frog CEO Drew Buechley attributes a jump in manufacturing's productivity largely to technology advancements in the field. Project Frog, in turn, aims to target and capitalize on that trend.

The prefabrication market likely will grow six or seven times more than the overall construction GDP, according to Nicolas Mangon, vice president of Autodesk's AEC, business strategy and marketing. Project Frog, Mangon believes, is well-positioned in the prefab market. “The industry needs to start moving into more processes like we see in manufacturing,” he said. “We need to be building a lot more prefabricated buildings to drive productivity.”

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The Registry Tech View: Project Frog

Oct 12, 2017

"The construction industry is undergoing big change and not just at the micro level – professions are changing as well, and the smart firms and practitioners in design and construction will be looking at advances in cloud technology, factory automation, robotics and will be asking – what advantages can my practice gain? At the same time, owners expect more from project delivery. They refuse to sacrifice design to get a fast schedule, or vice versa, and they expect greater efficiency and transparency throughout the entire process."

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Piece By Piece: 14 Offsite Construction Companies Transforming the Building Industry

Aug 09, 2017

Offsite construction is not a new concept — but it is one that has seen a resurgence in recent years. From Marriott opening its first modular hotel, to tech giants like Alphabetinvesting in modular housing, to Japanese retailer Muji launching prefab micro-homes, offsite construction methods are gaining traction. And as they realize benefits such as decreased costs, enhanced efficiency, and greater worker safety, participants across the construction value chain are increasingly pushing the space forward.

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5 trends shaping the future of the construction industry

Jul 25, 2017

Drew Buechley, CEO of San Francisco–based Project Frog, which makes prefabricated building components, agrees. “We’ve had situations where we’ve won projects because there weren’t enough framers available in the region and our platform takes 80% of the framing out,” he said. “There’s been a 25-year productivity vacuum in construction, with rising expenses and very little innovation, but manufacturing robotics and technology has been increasing productivity in leaps and bounds. We hope to sprinkle some of that efficiency into the construction environment.”

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New Tech, Aggressive Expansion: Project Frog Poised for Growth

Apr 11, 2017

Project Frog, a leading component building company, has unveiled a new platform for the design and delivery of its award-winning buildings. The company, known as an innovator in the design and delivery of prefabricated buildings, made the announcement after closing a strategic injection of growth capital intended to accelerate regional expansion of the Frog V Building Platform and intensify the development of Project Frog’s cloud-based configuration engine hosted at

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For Release: New PCs for 2,3, and 4 classroom buildings

Dec 12, 2016

Following the successful passage of Proposition 51, Project Frog announced today ground breaking construction solutions that will enable school districts to overcome the daunting task of providing new facilities within tight schedules and budgets. 

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New Classrooms Open at Two Fremont Schools

Oct 22, 2015

Ribbon cuttings last week at two Fremont Unified School District campuses celebrated the completion of new energy-efficient classroom buildings funded by $650-million Measure E.

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University of Hawaii Taps Project Frog for NZE Classrooms

Oct 21, 2015

On June 15, 2015 contractors broke ground for the installation of two 1,500 square foot, net zero energy classrooms. These classrooms will be energy neutral, that is they will generate at least as much energy as they will use.

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Why Going Green Means Big Business in the Construction Industry

Apr 02, 2014

A story on the rapid growth of green construction highlights Project Frog's approach

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