Ann Hand: CEO, Project Frog

Oct 11, 2013

An entrepreneur profile featuring Project Frog CEO Ann Hand.

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A Better Kind Of School Building To Replace Classes In Trailers

Oct 11, 2013

Confronted by cash shortages, schools are stuffing students anywhere they can. But these new, cheap, easy to build classrooms offer a better solution (and a better learning environment).

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The ‘Componentized’ School of the Future, Built in 90 Days

May 02, 2013

Project Frog built a school in a warehouse.  Or at least, part of a school.  The “componentized” building company — Frog management dislikes the terms “prefab” and “modular” — put up a life-size model of one classroom, a hall, and a couple other rooms in their warehouse on a San Francisco pier.

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Design with a Conscience

Apr 11, 2013

Watch the panel discussion that brought together visionary California architects and automotive designers eager to talk about the intersection of car and building design and how conscious design can spur innovation in both industries.

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How to Become a CEO

Mar 05, 2013

Here are Hand's thoughts on the perks of being a woman leader and advice on how you can reach the top too...

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A Better Way to Build

Feb 01, 2013

CEO Briefing Newsletter: An interview with Ann Hand

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Meet The Startup Making Snap-Together Office Buildings, Schools And 7-Elevens

Jan 02, 2013

Project Frog designs and ships schools, convenience stores and office buildings all over the country. Some assembly required.

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Why GE led a $22M investment round for a smart-building startup

Oct 16, 2012

Project Frog aims to change the way buildings are made. Its structures are “component buildings,” put together from pre-fab kits of parts and assembled onsite. It’s as if you could buy a building from IKEA.

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Cladding Bridges New Pavilion to Bay Area Landmark

Oct 10, 2012

Located next to the toll plaza on the San Francisco side of the bridge, the 3,500-square-foot pavilion is linked to the world-famous landmark by color, employing International Orange fiber-cement cladding.

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Growth in Construction of Energy Efficient Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Oct 03, 2012

Project Frog CEO Ann Hand on the company's growth constructing energy efficient, pre-fabricated buildings at a low cost.

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The Best Fit: aluminum framing systems reduce installation time and costs

Sep 04, 2012

Project Frog incorporates a sophisticated approach — including parametric design, precision fabrication, energy modeling, lean manufacturing and continuous monitoring — to create sustainable, efficient structures that reduce overall operating costs and also meet stringent LEED requirements.

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My Adventure: A Summer Exploring San Francisco’s Coolest Technology

Aug 08, 2012

Sonia Atluru gives her generation a voice: A 14--year-old student from Connecticut, tours some of Project Frog's most iconic buildings in San Francisco.

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