Product and Technology


As a pioneer in Industrialized Construction, Project Frog leverages deep and unique institutional knowledge to assist you in crafting your individual and proprietary IC strategy.  

We build processes and technology to manage an end-to-end IC work-flow.

Our business model necessitates that we understand and manage data flows across a range of stakeholders within the AEC ecosystem. 

As a pioneering IC innovator, we create internal tools to automate design, configuration, manufacturing interface, and other redundant processes.

Through our extensive experience, we know that IC scalability is only achieved by a core designed in automation, data standards, and a cloud application ecosystem.


Product, Process, and Data Flow Integration allows you to spend time designing your product, not drawing your projects.

Every Frog building kit arrives to site from the factory ready for installation. We work with contractors to sequence deliveries, plan site logistics, and leverage standard pricing and lead times to ensure seamless and lean project delivery. 

We offer contractors:



Technology + Integrated Processes and Data Flow = Efficiency

Reduce or eliminate iteration cycles by designing with BOMs, pricing, and schedules.

As you design, know simultaneously that your building is: