Fremont Clinic and Wellness Center

2,500 Square Feet

Product Details
Frog Classic composed of two single modules 

Kit Install 
9 Weeks 

IBI Group 



J.C. Fremont High School’s expanding program was in need of a high performance, green facility: the centerpiece of their new wellness program.

The Fremont Clinic and Wellness Center now includes a state-of-the-art, school-based clinic facility, cladded to fit in with the rest of the campus, and a one and a half acre community garden and urban farming site.This 2,500 square foot Frog Clinic provides free or reduced-rate medical, behavioral and dental services to the students, staff and community members. 

With a total of five exam rooms and two counseling rooms, the joint use facility is situated on the edge of the property, making it equally accessible to the students as to the public. 


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