Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School

2,400 Square Feet

Product Details
Frog Classic composed of two single modules

Kit Install
6 Weeks 

Bowers + Kubota and PointWest Pacific Alliance




In the Spring of 2012, the second installation of test structures for Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) was completed and the faculty and upper-classmen of Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School were eager to move in.

The Hawaiian Islands present a unique opportunity to test energy generation and building performance due to the diversity of climates contained in this tropical environment. Project Frog has worked closely with HNEI to deploy a series of buildings for research of energy efficiency and sustainability of Project Frog structures throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The initial phase of the assignment involves an experimental evaluation of a state-of-the-art energy neutral test platform at two climatically different islands – Oahu and Kauai. Now, two freestanding structures in Lihu’e, Kauai, serve as high-performance, high school level classrooms for Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School.Kawaikini's curriculum encompasses three areas of instruction, each aligned with the Hawai'i State Content & Performance Standards for education, giving the students a well-rounded foundation for college and beyond. The new 2,400 square foot campus supports the school’s mission to strive for excellence by providing students and teachers with a high-performance learning environment that models environmentally friendly design. It has been equipped with efficient systems such as floors, walls and roofs with high R values, under floor air distribution, operable windows, louvers and roof exhaust fans to allow for natural cooling and ventilation. Project Frog implemented deep overhangs and clear story windows allowing abundant indirect lighting. Predictive modeling was used to orient the buildings for ideal daylighting. Sustainable materials include:

In the next phase, energy consumption data from high tech monitoring systems will give HNEI the knowledge to make educated decisions on the most efficient products and materials thus impacting the future of sustainable design in Hawaii.


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