7-Eleven, Dallas

3,000 Square Feet

Kit Install
5 Days 

Product Details
Free-span wood retail kit 

Bovis Lend Lease 



Project Frog created a high performance, wood-based retail structure for 7-Eleven. 

The first of its kind, the convenient store is designed specifically for high-traffic use.  The column free space with a 18 foot high ceiling in the center section allows for a versatile interior that feels good to be in and to buy in.  Perfect for retail stores of this type nationwide, the interior and exterior flexibility of the Frog system allows clients to capture the essence of their brand, allows for optimal merchandise placement and spatial efficiency while also providing significantly more natural daylight than traditional buildings through the use of clerestory windows and skylights. 

Located in Dallas, Texas, the 3,000 square foot structure was quickly assembled by the build team led by Project Frog and Lend Lease, and opened its doors to the public in December 2012.  The C-Store includes energy efficient systems throughout the building, an office, bathrooms, storage, checkout area, coffee and beverage bar, and has a gas station on-site. 

An exciting future lies ahead as Project Frog’s industry leading build schedule for big retail brands and multi-store rollout become increasingly attainable. 


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